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C.I. Castings
FINE WIRECUT is expertise in manufacturing of high quality cast iron (C.I.) castings. These industrial cast iron castings are available in various hardness, dimensions and sizes in accordance with industrial requirements. We offer alloy cast iron casting, centrifugal casting (spun cast), etc at market leading rates. These castings are worth for their high performance even in uneven working conditions. Our dexterity lies in offering them in customized specifications.

Alloy Cast Iron Castings
These are cast iron based alloyed with Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum having a matrix of pearlite and carbide with flake graphite. These rolls are used primarily for section rolling. The material has very good thermal properties coupled with property of imparting good surface finish to the product. These rolls show rich and deep layer of chill with minimal fall in hardness. These rolls are also available in higher hardness range where the matrix is Bainitic instead of Pearlitic and are used in finishing stands of rod mill.

S.G. Iron Castings / Ductile Castings
We have an established reputation for manufacturing high quality spheroidal graphite iron castings (SG Iron Casting). Finest grade of raw materials sourced from highly respected vendors in the markets are used in manufacturing which distinguishes us in this competitive market. Perfect combination of engineering expertise and sophisticated infrastructure enables us to offer these SG Iron Casting in different materials, measurements. We can also take drawings sent by our clients. Our wide range encompasses pearlitic casting, ferrite castings, etc.

Facilities for Casting

Medium frequency induction melting furnace manufactured by Electromech, Ahmedabad 175 KW with tow crucibles of 150 and 300 Kgs. 3 & 1 MT EOT crane - Movement from furnace to 20 meters at main bay. S.G. Treatment laddle - 2 Nos. (Capacity - 500)

Molding, cleaning and Testing of Castings
Hand Mould (Green Sand&Co2), Machine Mould (Green Sand). Simultaneous jolt squeeze moulding machine, Muller, Sand Sieving vibrator with skip charger, compressor, C.I. Mould Boxes assorted and Horizontal Core Shooter. Cleaning and Finishing machines, Laboratory and Physical Testing Equipments and Chemical analysis laboratory.

Shell Molding
The metal pattern is first heated at a temperature of 200 degC / 392 degF. Then covered with a mixture of sand and thermo set plastic. It forms a skin of sand/ plastic mixture of about 3.5 mm (0.125 inch) which adheres to the pattern. The shell mould is formed after the skin gets removed from the pattern. The two halved of the shell mould are secured together and the metals is poured in the shell to form the part. Once the metals solidified, the shell is broken.

Investment Castings
Investment casting offered by us is the process which uses a wax as well as thermoplastic pattern. It is a processing method where melted metal is casted into a form by surrounding a replaceable model with slurry that sets at room temperature.

It is used for small castings and also to produce entire aircraft door frames along with steel castings of up to 300 kg and aluminum castings of up to 30 kg.


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